Artistic Adelante Hotel & Restaurant resides by Costanera Sur bounded with a mountain slope. There is a lot of greenery, exotic trees, plants and fruits, mountains with incredible views, exotic birds and animals surrounding the hotel.

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Adelante Hotel has two separate areas for an open-air bar and restaurant. It offers a fusion of intercontinental cuisines with the bar complementing the dishes with a wide selection of cocktails and drinks.

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Adelante Hotel holds many different events from parties to surf festivals. Our most popular party series "Jungle Fever" is held on every first Friday of every month.

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Costa Rican lifestyle section summarizes everything you need for a great vacation at Adelante Hotel. We offer tons of different activities and entertainment for you to enjoy.

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Poker Nights

We're inviting you to play Texas Hold'em Poker at Adelante Hotel. You can play at our luxury 10-seat table on every Monday at 8PM. Please call us up-front (+506) 2786 5304 to confirm your seat and get additional information. Occasionally we host the game several times a week.

Shuffle up and deal!